Why it’s superior

Discover the Science Behind the Best Natural Hair Loss Treatment on the Market

Watch HairLuxe at work in our videos and it’ll seem like magic.

If you’ve tried any of the regular hair-thickening products on the mass market, you’ll know this problem:

Go outside in the wind, get caught in the rain, or just lay your head down on a couch or pillow and, suddenly, that pesky, shiny bald spot is showing again.

Why? Because the products simply fell out. They couldn’t hold up to the rigours of everyday life.


How HairLuxe Solves The Problem At It’s Root

We use the raw material called Moroccan Gossypium Herbaceum.

The fibres extracted from the plant, which are almost identical to your hair, bond to your hair through a strong static charge.

A Better Look!

There are two basic approaches to eliminating balding, bald spots and hair loss for men and women:

1. Thickening your existing hair to amplify your hair volume and making the scalp invisible.

2. Colouring the exposed scalp to match your hair color. This technique does hide the scalp in thinning areas, but does not increase hair volume.

Experienced theatrical and Hollywood makeup artists will tell you that the first approach, thickening existing hair, gives the most natural appearance. The second approach hides the scalp, obviously, but produces a dull, unnatural look.

Since the HairLuxe hair loss treatment bonds to your hair securely, working with science instead of against it, HairLuxe will thicken your hair shafts and amplify your hair volume. That will give you a fuller, natural looking head of hair, not a spray-painted scalp.

In contrast, HairLuxe uses completely natural ingredients: plant based fibres and natural mineral colourants.




Other Hair Building Fibers

Natural LookTrue hair thickening. Less natural look (coloured scalp).
Adherence to HairStrong bonding between fibres and hair. Weak bonding between fibres and hair.
Free of Animal ContentsZero animal ingredient. Main material derived from animal furs.
Free of Synthetic Dyes

Coloring agents are natural mineral-based colorants.

 Animal furs are processed with chemical bleaches and synthetic dyes.
HypoallergenicPlant based natural materials Animal furs may cause itchiness or other adverse reactions.

Natural fibres stay on the hair shafts,

not on the scalp.

 Animal furs-based fibres stay on scalp instead of hair.

Withstands better to wind,rain and sweat due

to strong bondingforce between fibres and hair.

 Less durable, due to weak bonding force between fibers and hair.
Natural Product

100% natural.The fibres are made

from plant and the pigments are natural mineral colourants.

 Contain synthetic dyes and preservatives.