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“We believe in the miracle of nature”

We Believe That the Natural Way is the Best Way

Founded in 2005 by a group of professional makeup artists, HairLuxe has been dedicated to servicing theatrical and professional makeup artists. And while we remain committed to serving the needs of professional makeup artists, our unique products are now also available to the general public.

We Believe That the Natural Way is the Best Way

We have decades of experience as professional makeup artists. Along the way, we’ve seen first hand the harm that can come from frequent exposure to the artificial ingredients used in so many makeup and hair thickening products.

For people who use these products on a continuous basis – professional actors, for example, or people who use hair thickening products regularly – scalp and skin problems are common.

That’s a shame, because we’ve learned that these problems can be avoided simply by using products containing skin-friendly and natural ingredients. And our natural products also perform better.

The natural way truly is the best way.

That’s why we take great pride in offering hair thickening products that are 100% natural. Our products contain none of the synthetic dyes, fillers, preservatives and other artificial chemical concoctions found in other products.

We do not use ingredients derived from animals. And when we test our products, we test them on ourselves – not on some poor, frightened animal huddling in a cage.

Reseller information

If you are a makeup artist, hair transplant surgeon, hairdressers or salon owner, contact us for resale information:

352 Boundary Rd, Dingley Village, VIC, Australia
Email: sales@hairluxe.com.au

You can also meet us in the following tradeshows. Tell us which show you will attend and make appointment to see us.

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